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Welp, I’m out…


“That hwaifu just ain’t right, I tell ya hwhat.”


Well it’s complicated. I cannot say anything because that will spoil stuff. But trust me and just watch.


So a friend of mine linked me this about fate/grand order


Yup, the Fate series is just an advanced waifu generator now


I think shinsekai yori is a perfect recommendation for anyone who likes psychological stuff, since every psychological anime relies on a plot full of drama. I think they just mean they don’t like pure drama shows, like claanad for example.

Missed the other comment.


Have you seen Kara no Kyoukai?

Otherwise I recommend:


Going through my animelist, there is so much shit that I’ve dropped. Gonna see if I can find everything.

Made it through the action genre.


I’ve got a bunch of things that basically I’ve dropped, I’d call them on hold because I do want to finish them for the sake of finishing them (cus once I get into something I never really want to leave it unfinished), but will I ever get around to resuming them and finishing them over watching something new? Regrettably probably not. So they are basically dropped.


If MAL wasn’t all fucked up right now I could show you the exact amount of time I would have wasted if I finished all those series. Super glad I dropped them.


I’m not talking about the ones that are a waste of time that you actually want to drop, I mean ones that you just kinda stop watching and never get around to finishing so they’re basically dropped


Well yeah, that’s the purpose of the On-hold list. Just be honest with yourself and put stuff you’re never going to finish in the dropped list.


But with on hold you actually are going to resume them at some point. I’m talking about the series half way between on hold and dropped, the ones that you kinda stopped watching but want to resume but probably won’t.


Yeah put that in dropped. It doesn’t hurt to turn it back to ‘Watching’ status.


What’re we talking about?


If you doubt the fact that you’re going to finish a anime that is currently on-hold, put it in your dropped list. That’s how I see it.


Honestly though I’m confused on what this conversation is LMAO, I thought it was just me trying to explain a unique kinda category kinda specific to me, but are we explaining how to actually categorize it now?


I’m just saying I don’t think you should use the ‘on-hold’ section like that.


I’m not even using the on hold section, I rarely put things in watching either, but when I do and I stop watching them I’m too lazy to move em anywhere else so they stay there as watching


I never use the on-hold section and usually I will put stuff in PTW or watching. For seasonal anime I will just initially add them to watching, but far too lazy to update them so I just wait till finished airing and set them to complete if i didnt drop them. Dropped list doesn’t get used at all besides shows put there to show I disdain them.