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wasnt all that good maybe half way between those types?

did have some story stuff in multiple episiodes, some bigger things happening but alot of real basic ‘lessons’ thats that wraps up the whole episode like ‘dont try to do everything yourself ask for help’


this chata album is so beautiful im gonna cry :sob: i love music

maybe its dumb since i cant understand the fuckin lyrics but the composition is :ok_hand:


I think you forgot to link.


I thought this was very relevant here. I think most of us do our best to purchase the content we love and most of the time when it comes to anime/manga etc that’s just not possible.



that wasnt the link i had since another friend found it somewhere else and hosted it on his site, this one i just got given and its more accessible



Is penguidrum some kind of imouto love show (not that I mind) ? The last frame of the first episode has me very confused.

Other than that I like it so far. The art and soundtrack are on point and I can see the characters becoming likeable. I hope they include some romance, since the character designs are so cute.

I think this is going to be a good one.


Megalo Box is just too damn good.


scrolled through past month of posts

b/c appearently i felt like my sanity was approaching normality

got any good anime?




What genres are you looking for?


mainly action, adventure, or psychological, but mostly any thing works outside of slice of life and drama

and preferably not 150 episodes long


You can watch redline free here:

Do you have a list of what you’ve seen?


i should probably make a list if i could remember it all


It is pretty nice to have IMO. Well I’m going to hit the hay. I hope one of those tickles your fancy.


idk lol
probably not the one i put a picture of earlier though


@Codycat I just remembered Shinsekai Yori has quite a bit of drama in it. Sorry about that poor recommendation.

Don’t let Assassination Classroom’s “Shonen trash” look fool you it’s actually very good if you’re looking for action and comedy. @Skelterz and @TheDiddilyHorror both liked it as well as me.


no that fine i have watch From the New World and thats an exception to the rule


42 more episodes of Hunter x Hunter left.