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You know what's next...


Why do you think I’m watching this garbage?



I did watch Digibro’s video on K-On so I’m interested now


I’m not really enjoying Nichijou as much as I thought I would… guess I should try to find something else to watch on the list…


It gets pretty boring between the commonly cited scenes.


It’s not bad enough to make me want to drop it… but it just seems like it’ll be work to watch rather than fun which is what I was looking for. A bit too random for my taste (odd considering I loved excel saga but at least that had a plot)

It seems Non Non Biyori is getting a movie in august… I suppose I could watch through that franchise.


Ugh, I finished that turd that is Eromanga Sensei. I wouldn’t be so annoyed if it didn’t have anything going for it but I was kind of expecting a Welcome to the NHK Lite with Sagiri as the hikikomori with artistic talent but the creators seemed hell bent on destroying that by cutting any meaningful story or character advancement short with another extended shot of girl in a bikini.

I like sexy stuff in anime but not if it’s going to stifle the plot. There were also plenty of moments that made me laugh but it could have been souch better.






How to train your dragon 3 is coming out soon, pretty hyped about that, I didn’t even know that there was a second one, gotta go watch that now. Last I remembered they were working on a tv show for it, I wonder if they finished that, if so I gotta go binge that too.


So now it’s time for K-On then.


Already started it, was getting a little tired so I’ll start the second episode over again.

Also liking HiDive, definitely cancelling Netflix.


The first one was excellent, the 2nd one was a little cringeworthy. Way too many tropes and overused drama. I have low expectations for the 3rd.


Has the tv series finished?


I believe so. I never really watched it. figured it would be a low-quality, low budget production aimed way too much at the littler kids, so I ignored it. I may be completely wrong though.


I thought it was going to be more like the star wars animated series and be pretty good with plenty of useful stuff for the story and what not.


did you see people (well the other sexual preference people) who got angry that its going to be a heterosexual movie with toothless and a female nightfury?
what a world we live in.


plebs, the whole lot of em, can’t even figure out how to google fan fic art and stories and shit.