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Quite a while back I played around with my Radeon Utility and found that they have a sharpness setting in there that works pretty well for anime.


now this is sexy


does that not work in MPC I’ve just tried to get the demo to show on some anime but it isnt working

Franxx Episode 16 spoiler

Lmao I can’t stop laughing



More FranXX spoilers they did more than try


HOLY SHIT!!! This episode was so meaty, klaxosaurs are actually humans, everyone with a mask on are fakes, Hiro is turning into what Zero Two is, and there is sexi sex. Oh and now there is a princess loli

My second favorite episode of this show

I’m calling this right now, everyone is gonna die, or at least zero two and hiro are. As long as they die together I won’t feel bad but if just one of them dies and the other doesn’t I’m ending it all.


Lol the comments section in that MAL episode discussion thread

“Kokoro worst girl confirmed”


I feel so sad after this episode, probably cus everything is going to end terribly for them.

And yeah I started reading the comment section for that one to see if there was anything hiding that I didn’t notice about the true identity of the klaxosaurs, papas, people with masks, and the doctor. Didn’t find anything


@Skelterz have you watched ZZ gundam? i keep hearing the first 20 episodes are just about unbearable.


Finished up Ichigo Mashimaro.
Great stuff if you want some cgdct.
Also: Nobue would’ve been best girl Summer 2005 if not for a Tenchi OVA being released that same season (Ryouko defaults to best girl of course)


@SoulFallen It surprisingly does! On my friends Samsung UM6000 TV it makes 1080p anime look 4K. Hell, even on my Ultrawide monitor it does a good job upscaling 720p content to 1080p or 1440p.

@Reformed_JoelBanks - I’m mostly talking about the gradient of colors (how smooth the shade of colors blend in with each other) and full array local dimming (an array of LEDs that helps with contrast and giving the picture deep blacks). On TCL’s 6 series, you can see the individual LEDs which is a defect on my unit. Normally, on a solid white background, the white is suppose to be smooth with no discoloration or shading anywhere.


I watched some of it while back, can’t remember how far I got

This was back in DVD Netflix days and not all discs were available


Is this the song playing at the end of season 2 episode 6 of shokugeki no soma when everyone is getting their tools back?

I don’t really think it sounds like it but it is the closest one I can find


Haha. This sticker.



Don’t mind me, just lewding an already lewd anime. :laughing:


The new high school DxD episode is kek worthy



Just made breakfast, lets do this!


I love this anime just because of the inuendos its one of my fav by far


check out this guys severs which are names after anime chars :joy: