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Currently watching the original gundam series, in movie format. finished the first movie yesterday starting the second today. The future from the perspective of the 80’s is so cool.


Damn recap episode for SAO: Alternative


We need a back to the future type anime


No we don’t


Let me clarify, Japan’s view of the future in the 80s was cool, Hollywood is a potato.


Back to the future is a masterpiece, fight me


She look like she saw the D and realized ‘oh god it’s going to happen. Ain’t it?’




Steinsgate was the closest thing to BTTF i think well get in a while, mad scientist, witty assistant, traveling time and messing up things and trying to fix em again! speaking of which I cant wait for the next episode of Steinsgate 0, one of the few animes id proudly have in dvd/blueray


latest episode of Cutie Honey Universe summary: shit got real.

Still enjoying those horse girls

They weren’t lying when they said: “Cute girls doing cute things in cute ways” as the synopsis for Ichigo Mashimaro (the english title is: Strawberry Marshmallow. If that doesn’t scream cgdct idk what does).


Probably the best ending credits song of all time…


Welp… I’m back from testing my ultimate anime theater station (with a budget and some cringe).

The HDMI mCable I got sucks ass. I hardly see any difference with anime. Even jaggy lines or artifacts are still present. (Works great on the Nintendo Switch though!)

Small update on the TV if anyone cares. The visible LEDs are slowly disappearing. Colors have been smoothed out and the backlit LED’s are hardly noticeable now. On purely white backgrounds, they’re still present but it has definitely improved where as shows like Aggretsuko would’ve easily shown off this defect before. (You have to REALLY look for them to see them now).

I’ve previous stated the 55R617 doesn’t have a good upscaler (which is still the case) but if you download the Roku app, more TV settings are available to professionally calibrate the screen and reduce noise. Setting it to High smooths out the colors a little bit which helps making anime look a lot more appealing.


Impatiently waiting for Darling FranXX to be closer to finishing so i can just watch all of it in a span of a couple weeks.


Finished Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works. Overall pretty solid. I still like Zero more but this one was pretty good.


I don’t understand what any of this means, teach me senpai


It’s actually kind of amazing how well upscalers work on Anime. my 1080ti makes 720p and 1080p look like 1440p no problem (in anime)


I rarely cry when watching anime but the ending of Top wo Nerae! Gunbuster made me cry like a little bitch. There’s not much I can fault with this anime other than some occasional pacing issues. 10/10

Was thinking of buying the BD but once again…

Gonna continue with the older stuff.

This is next


What settings do you use to achieve this?


Watched episode 4 of After the rain, I really don’t like that blonde guy. My guts say something bad will happen.


30% edge enhancement 20% noise reduction… I mean, the still frames look like butt, but watchability is much better IMO