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Wasn’t really digging the 5th episode of Crossong Time but it turned it around

The ending theme for MegaloBox is lit


You can just swap out the character models and play as whatever you like. I did a runthrough as Mipha. Actually works pretty well (though her tailfin doesn’t have any physics…)


But I want a full fledged Zelda, with feminine voice, and it is what they are doing, and it’s exciting.


yep, they’re certainly coming a long way on the mods. It’s really exciting. I wish someday they’d be able to create new enemies, weapon types or scenario expansions but that would probably incur even more wrath from Nintendo…


NakamuraEmi is great


“When your inner maid fetish intensifies.” *clicks *


may or may not buy this shit for science




Oh man the Anzu arc of Hinamatsuri is killing me, the contrast between Hina and Anzu is hilarious.




3 Psycho Pass Films in one year…

I loved the first season. It was perfect. 2nd season was weaker, partly due to being shorter and not spending enough time with each of the characters in my opinion. Movie was alright.

Wait and see how this films will be.


I want some more cgdct… surprising no one

Oh hello there:

Guess it’s time for this one.


I decided to catch up on Dagashi Kashi and I just realized something. Hotaru is probably diabetic with all the candy she eats.


AY, but she rocks that purple hair though.


From the previews when it came out it looked like the anime had some #PLOT but it’s very minor and it revolves around candy.

Also the Opening for Season 1 is too gud. But they killed it in season 2… Which is REEEEEEEE worthy.


The life fibers have taken over skyrim, but the thieves guild quickly saves the day, Nudist beach can only wish they were as good as the thieves guild when fighting the life fibers.


The season 2 one grew on me as the season went on, it’s still not as good as season 1’s opening though.


Desktop background for some of you folk.