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If you think about it in terms of 24 episodes with each being 23 minutes which is 552 minutes which is 9.2 hours of my life I will never get back, for something less than stellar (not to mention bad). Fuck that. Gate has 2 seasons which takes it’s total to18.4 hours. There are a ton of different anime, manga, books, YouTube videos, or a plethora of other things I could have been doing other than watching Gate.


I’ve seen it twice now…


That’s why I decided to rate my shows based on how much I enjoyed them. That’s really all that matters anyway.


The characters in this anime have nothing on my nigga over here

Brito gang brito gang brito gang gang gang.

Yukihira wishes he could be as good as him and his burritos



Finally finished Zeta Gundam…

literally almost everyone died, so that’s cool.



Oh yeah! I completely forgot about that.


Speaking of waifus, with mods that are coming for BotW, Zelda is now totally my waifu. She’s definitely so sexy and hot :heart_eyes:
(like in this one


Dem ponytail physics



Limit limit limit limits


I’ll be watching this

Interview is pretty lack luster, I’m going to search elsewhere for better interviews.


Alright alright, why hasn’t anyone stripped in the last few episodes of the food anime? Like tf they thinking, if the food isn’t good enough to strip people then it isn’t good enough, kick em out of that school already.


And the Hype train keeps rolling


Week 7: I’m still watching an anime about horse girls.


I guess no one has told Linus that she is only 14.



It’s actually pretty good stuff lol


This kinda sounds like it’s from the elder scrolls, I will see if I can find one of the elder scrolls songs that sound just like this lol