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The whole thing is a mystery series. Most of the show is built around the audience gathering evidence to solve the mystery themselves. The show is not going to explicitly tell you what is happening, it’s your job to observe and draw your own conclusions. I like this show a ton simply because it doesn’t hold the audiences hand like so many other animes and demonstrates the difference behind showing and telling the audience.


Honestly I had no idea what that series was I don’t even remember why I started watching it. But how you explained it it sounds pretty damn cool, not sure if I want to watch it though cus it is a little slow and when I did watch it I wasn’t sucked in.



This one was probably my favorite so far, the fight was awesome and the characters and their development in this one was awesome as well.


Wendell is giving us weebs attention again.

Don’t mind the double Wendell ghost.


Wendell is faster than Flash confirmed.

Also stop this sickness propaganda. Weebness is a disease and must be treated like any other mental disability. With gulags.


It’s okay if you don’t enjoy the genre of mystery since it is often slow paced but it’s important to understand what makes a good mystery anime in general. The Garden of Sinners is another mystery anime that is slow but watching it in it’s entirety is very rewarding.

Also I was having a look at your profile and I wanted to know what led you to give Gate a 10/10?

Edit: You gave Berserk a 1/10??


Lmao was gonna rate it an 8 or a 9 but the ending ruined the whole anime for me, I was like why did I just watch all of that, that’s so much time I just wasted to get to this shit ending? And then the thing that might’ve made me rate it where it should be again since it continues the story and shouldn’t leave a sour taste in my mouth was shit CG.

Originally I rated it an 8 or a 9 but then either @KemoKa73 or @cityle rated it a 10 so I decided I have to too since I loved it as well. lol best reason ever


It was surely not me as I quit Gate after 5 min, so must be surely kemoka.


Linus is at it too. And both videos posted today, haha.


The Yoko pillow has been around a while lol


I’ll say it a again, I don’t rate anime (unless it’s utter trash), where would I even begin? Do I rate it purely subjectively or objectively, a mix of both, how should it be weighted?

I can’t assign a number ratings that could encompass all my thoughts without a writing an essay on it which I don’t have the language skills to pull off in the first place.

School Days 10/10 A real gut buster



You’re way over thinking number ratings.

If you think it’s good then rate it higher, if you think it’s bad then rate it lower. Nobody cares if it’s subjective or objective or otherwise.


But I care




When you go aoround all day yelling “DON’T LOSE YOUR WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!” feels good man


Because I do.


I bought the OST with that track


The ending was perfect.

It brought Griffiths character to climax as the person destined to be the most powerful human being on the planet with Guts and Casca as his witness. Griffith was always jealous of Gut’s abilities and naively thought this jealousy translated to love and friendship. During his time in solidarity Griffith realized that Guts was not merely a friend with exceptional abilities but a threat to his very existence (eg what his ego would allow). Since his release, the hatred of knowing his right hand man could usurp him at any moment gave birth to the power needed to unlock the egg; therefore evolving Griffith into a higher being. Griffith wanted to crush Guts. Like really have him experience hell but not kill him. He didn’t kill guts because he wanted Guts to live out the rest of his life in pain and despare, feeding Griffiths ego further. That’s my interpretation at least.


The way I rate anime is how synonymous the feeling garnered by the anime are to the words next to the myanimelist rating. So lets have a look at gate.

4/10 = bad - Gate had lackluster characters with cookie cutter personalities and painfully bad animation, not to mention a dumb plot. It did have a plot but it went no where, nothing happened in the entire anime other than bland exposition and some flashy scenes towards the end of both seasons. None of the characters developed period. Overall there’s not much I can say I like about this anime.


Totally agree with your assessment of Gate but in spite of all of that I still enjoyed the show. Even trash has some value imo.