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Episode 4 of Steins;gate 0 got me like:


The over the top food stripping is getting me good lmfao :joy::joy:

3rd episode, oh thank god the old lady didn’t strip lmao


This anime knows what’s up. I love it


I just started watching this anime I am only 2 episodes in and so far what I have learned is if you don’t graduate you die and if you cheat at Sage academe you die. They say vanish but I am pretty sure people are getting killed off. I am also pretty confused on how this time line is working but other than that its pretty good.


I really enjoyed that show. Are you watching dub or sub?


Really you did?
I couldn’t stand it, it was just so boring for me


Yup, I really liked it. I gave it a 9.


When does it pick up? I think I dropped it at the episode where they had the competition with getting a ball in a hole with magic things or some shit.


Hmm. I’m not really sure since I binged it, and when I do that I don’t really keep up with what episode I’m on. I want to say episode 18 or 19 for the climax to start, but I did enjoy most of it.

Edit: hold up, I might be way off. Let me check.

2nd edit: actually I was really close. I’d say things start kicking off at the end of episode 17.



I was going to watch the dub but I heard that the dub had poor quality and some kind of back ground noise so I just stuck to the sub.


I wasn’t overly fond of the dub either, but Squealer’s dub voice was top notch in my IMO. There was another dub voice I really like… I think it was Kiroumaru’s.


Oh ok I’m not to sure how good or bad the dub was I just read some of the reviews and they said to stick to the sub. It could have just been the source that I was watching it from as well. I didn’t really want to sit and compare the first episode of the dub and the first episode of the sub to make a decision (like one reviewer said) I just kind of wanted to start the anime.


Makes perfect sense. I (for the most part) only watch dub, and just deal with it if it’s poor, and try not to judge the show by it.
I think watching that subbed would be good, because the main characters really left a lot to be desired for me.


You really should though


Episode 15 of food stripping anime was awesome, I loved it. A nice break from whats been going on and what not.


Does the show’s studio have any say on who the voice actors are, or is that something that’s left up to the dub studio?


Anything can be put into contract but it’s a different story whether or not that happens.


Tfw no ero game playing gf


She was buying them for science.