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lol the license plate is “Mr Neko”


Wow. The dub is already finished for

So I’ll be starting that.


I never said this. I said that budget (usually) = animation quality. I think we all agree that you don’t need a gigantic animation budget to make a fantastic show… though it definitely is nice to have.


Neko chan dame!

NSFW Food anime type stuff

Lol I’ve started that series though and it is ok I guess

Seriously though kill me now, typing in Japanese is way too weeby, I must be put down


After watching 1 episode of that cooking show I now have a goal for my life, @Skelterz remember when I said I set my goals kinda low, well no more, I will now learn the fine art of making food so good it literally strips people of their clothes. I will not rest and work hard night and day until I have achieved this goal!


Found a sweet new gif to use as my profile pic from Dirty Pair: Project Eden. Probably gonna stick with it for a while.



For me Food Wars got too repetitive too quickly and got burned on it.


One of the few safe for forum Green Tea Neko comics.


i always post things safe for the forum :wink:


Ohmergurd I’m dieing here. Takagi is relentless.

Just watched them walk home together under the umbrella.


All the GTN I have is not





OOF, does it really. That’s a bummer, guess I will watch it till that happens.


Just lace it with ecstasy and you should accomplish this goal pretty quickly :wink:


Thanks for the tip


If Zero Two dies in the end I will actually KMS.


I forgot dat new High School DxD episode is out… bout to watch dat later. it’s getting gud


That was just my experience