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Well the quality you see in the faces is the same quality given to everything else in the manga. I would expect the animation to be on par with Ghibli to match the quality of the manga although from what I’ve seen in the first episode it looks like A1 studio tier stuff. AKA not great but not terrible either, just what you’d expect from a mediocre anime.

I mean jesus look at the detail.


I know it’s not a direct comparison but the manga rarely drops any quality where I feel the anime does not have the same attention to detail.

Once I get home from my last exam I’ll try to find a better example.


Budget plain and simple, there is no way in hell that level of detail could be a seasonal anime’s budget


I get where you’re coming from, but this is applicable to pretty much any anime that doesn’t have a Naruto-tier budget behind it. Made In Abyss suffered this exact same problem. The atmosphere is conveyed a thousand times better in the manga. That’s because It’s a comparison of tens of thousands of colored frames to perhaps a few hundred grayscale images on which the artist/s can spend far more time refining and detailing. It’s not really a fair contest. In both series, though, they did get the general art style down. That’s good, because not every adaptation does that (Looking at you, Black Bullet.)


defeats the purpose though lol

meant that whole, film isnt exclusively 21:9 or them extra ultra wides, bunch of different films have different aspect ratios and stuff, so unless it got converted like when creating 4:3 or something, lots of stuff will have bars probably most things(obv alot of stuff is converted to 21:9 for them bluray shit though, but natively most things pretty sure not 21:9, which isnt even 7:3 lol)


When you end up by accident on a compilation video of anime song by Kalafina and you learn in the comments that they are disbanding

(and the video in question


Crunchyroll posted an article on that in their new section a while back


But I’m not on crunchyroll, so it was brand new to me.


CR is a news aggregator at best, just saying it’s all over the interweebs


Nah I’m going to disagree that budget = good anime. In most cases it has to do with which studio handles the animation. Eg which studio has the best skill See:


But the level of detail you have as an example for Golden Kamuy does straight up cost more and yes budget is not an excuse for bad animation but good, bad and highly detailed animation are different things


@Skelterz Def not watching that :laughing:


All I’m looking for is consistency in the animation when I watch a show. If the scene breaks my immersion due to a oddly drawn eye for example, I’m less inclined to give a shit about the anime as a whole whereas if the eye is always drawn badly I have no qualms. You can always tell when a animation is a production simply to make money vs being a piece of art that simply makes money due to its high quality regardless. Shows like Evangelion ran into budgetary limitations towards the end of production and as a result many of the scenes turned into stills with very little animation; however, the story still maintained it’s tone and captivated audiences.

Shows like Golden Kamuy will be forgotten as soon as the next Darling in the FranXX come out simply because someone gave a shit when they made Darling in the FranXX


After watching this I’m even happier that I dropped that shobitch anime after 2 episodes, shoulda dropped it sooner tbh


I’ve long since given up on you


Abandon all hope!


ok tjkirk


This was posted on my local spotted group.

Inb4 roasted alive for using FB.


Just got Toradora! LN volume 1 in the mail today. Read through the fan translations years ago, so it’s nice to finally have it officially in english to read again and I’m glad to support Seven Seas.


Where is the tail?


That white fluff that’s slightly drooping off the right side of the bike is the tail.