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I found the perfect dungeon crawler RPG for you
The Spirit Master of Retarnia


I really enjoyed Kill la Kill until the final battle began.
I’m going to agree with @Reformed_JoelBanks everything just got far to ridiculous in that final battle.

Also, I’m definitely still not fond of fanservice. I thought this show might change that but I think it made me dislike it more.


Ridiculous is our thing is literally one of the lines in the final battle lol


Watched 2 episode of After the rain. I really like it. And the Garden Café Restaurant, and the city landscapes, so many memories… I so badly want to go back to Japan :sob: And does the big city is Fukuoka? Didn’t really visit it but it seems to fit the bill.


Finally someone else is watching this!


That,s why after those 2 episodes I said nope. All the stuff I don’t like are pretty much there. Just add endless episodes and i,m sure you will end up with a shonen trash like Naruto.


You couldn’t be more wrong about Kill La Kill


That was the impression I had with the first two episodes. Crame action and fan services to appeal to a normie audience.


I put up with the fan service at first, but then they did some really great gags that were only possible because the fanservice. Then it just completely derailed in that final battle.

I thoroughly enjoyed it until around episode 17.


well you’re missing the forest for the trees then


that gave me brain damage.


That game just screams Kat


The goal is not to die and get raped.

If you win, you unlock dem scenes anyways.

Also advertise as a potentially 30 hour game.

with 5 different flavours, 4 of which are plot heavy.


it better be, what triggers me is a lot of Visual novels are like 4 hours long. I want something that forces the player to work . I kinda like Sunrider Academy for that

dating / thot sims have become a rare gem lately… at least on steam they have.


Go buy it, the sale ends on the 9th, 50% off. Pay full price for the “best” version… Scroll up for where to buy.

There will never be a steam version of this game

I’ll also be removing mentions of where to buy soon.


I know.

and if it did happen, it would be severely patched cause of dat steam TOS…


I’ve decided to scroll that ‘site’ Novasty mentioned…

there is a place in hell for people in Japan… there’s a game called Analistica Academy… buddha, zeus, god, and satan, kill us pls

someone will get the futurama reference.


Majority of the Buddha’s probably don’t care about us.


they probably can’t see us cause they have their eyes closed and in the fetal position.


one of the charms of the manga is the faces. They definitely got the faces and the art style right in the anime. I’d say they stuck to it pretty well (though never having read the manga…)