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Oh Desu, what are you watching these days?


He is supposed to protect all the girls in his harem


Just finished:


Franxx has my full attention, haven’t looked around, anything else worth checking out right now?


Golden Kamuy and Hinamatsuri are the new stand outs this season, highly recommend.


@KemoKa73 has been bugging me to watch golden kamuy but I didn’t bother just cause he bugged me about it :stuck_out_tongue: I guess I’ll peek at it


Lmao, honestly wasn’t on my radar, watched it because I was bored.



Going on a Gainax/Anno binge since school is over.


How’s the animation in Golden Kamui? I’m spoiled by the manga, so I’m wondering if it lives up to my high expectations.


Megalo box


After a week long break from anime, just fired up an ep of Yuru Camp before bed.

Fucking intro theme, tho

I missed it…

Good night peeps.


I mean, hes making money off watching anime and critiquing it.


Exactly, he doesn’t go out or do anything, that’s what you call not having a life. He is too busy burring himself in his LEWD anime body pillows and watching HENTAI.


The fucking dream right there boyo
Honestly though, I think that is something some of us strive for, passion in your work where its consuming your life (in a good way)
I assume he enjoys consuming anime and critiquing it since hes been doing it for a so long.
Just remember, just because societal norms make you want to adhere to to a certain lifestyle, job, etc. does not mean you have to conform. You can do as you please with your life.


Hm, I’d say it’s good


We’re not much better


Got that right

All weebs are toilets, and anime is shit. The only question is, who is the mastermind behind the shit who flushes it down our throats?


And Digibro has nothing on me when it comes to purging the galaxy of xeno filth. He has a meager throne of LEWD anime body pillows, I have a castle of xeno scum bones




Whenever I hear the word never I think it in my head sounding like this, and when I say it out loud I subconsciously say it like this too.