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Yea, I know. I still wants though. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Being a weeb intensifies

Seen in Wotakoi and Metal Gear


Have you ever had one? Bloody disgusting.

I ate one thinking it looks kinda like shortbread… it definitely does not taste anything like shortbread.


Just had one, not bad really, what flavor did you have? I had chocolate

Honestly it’s the least offensive energy bar I’ve ever tasted.


What’s everyone watching rn?


Like in general or this very second?

I started Full Metal Panic! Second Barrage last night


In general, doesn’t have to be currently airing, just whatever you’ve seen in the past few days




Just rewatched GATE with the dub, which was pretty funny and made it much more enjoyable.

I’m also rewatching Last Exile and taking it slow going through it. Haven’t seen it in a while and to be honest for a show from 2003 with the amount of cg it has it still looks pretty damn decent. I wish we had more original stuff like it.


2nd girl has shown up, it’s harem time


Asterisk Wars is garbage

Digibro has a whole series of videos (like 13 parts +) on why it sucks


That bum has no life if he has the time to do that lol


excuse mE



Not much we can do, he is willing to waste about 6hrs on * Wars, but not 20 minutes on a youtube video… I find that more appalling.


It’s so bad, I want the time I water in that show back. At least School Days had a good pay off at the end or The Seven Mortal Sins was just raunchy til the end, I love trash but o have my limits.


it honestly puzzles me how they got a s2 out




No memes allowed /s


Ur not allowed