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'twas a sad day indeed…


Well i said anime was folded into AS then split back off.


2 more days, 2 more fucking days I’m so god damn hyped. Overlord is the best


There was a brief time the Sci Fi Channel showed anime with Gurren Lagon and Monster also some anime where a kid ended up in some other realty. I want to say it was called something like Here and now There and Then but I’m not sure.
Speaking of Adult Swim the last anime I watched on there was Cassher Sins. I know that is probably spelled wrong. That anime is pretty solid though.


I thought Grand Blue was the best?


Grand blue is the best comedy


Those are good, never finished the first one, going to watch Casshern Sins again soon.


there was an anime you told me to watch recently, I forgot what it was. Do you remember?


Modoka Magica?


I have no idea what is going on, the first episode is so confusing. also don’t like the bright color palette but that’s just me.


You know what I really hate, it’s rare but it really pisses me off when I see it, is when shit uses drug or high or hallucination type visuals, especially for no reason, it’s so god damn annoying it pisses me off.

After one episode I have decided this series is to fucking stupid to watch anymore

fuckin putting it in the dumpster where it belongs


You clearly aren’t paying attention


you have the most confusing taste in anime…


I don’t want to watch a drug trip

That’s literally all that anime is


cause deep down you really aren’t a man of culture.

If this didn’t excite you when this first came out you aren’t a true weeb.

Change My Mind


Rolling Girls was a fun watch, the english dub os kind of wonky since they try simulate Japanese dialects in english. It’s worth it for this moment though.


I’m waiting till the 26th for this:


Nah you’re just a weirdo


As are you.

Liking Anime is blasphemy to some people.


those uncultured swine…


Poor Schwein-san