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OMG my stupid ass almost forgot to watch today’s episode of megalo box


This bitch woke


Who the fuck drew this scene?

Dude looks like a goldfish.

Comparison photo

Actually everyone in this scene is drawn really badly.


It’s the whole episode :frowning:


Episode 1 of Devil’s line, not at all impressed. I actually just had my mind go blank on me a few times while watching that it was so boring.

yep dropped a few seconds into episode 2


No wonder the animation is so bad in episode 10 of Penguindrum. They outsourced it to two different studios rather than doing it in house.


I was having a good time until this episode but the bland story board and really shit animation has left a bad taste in my mouth.


I’m dying laughing, the main character in Comic Girls draws an Isekai when she’s out of ideas LMFAO


You sure you didn’t mistake it for Mecha?


I watched the sub, I guess I should go watch the dub at some point.

Panty and Stocking comparison. Probably shouldn't watch at work, or anywhere there are non-weebs


Dub is fucking great boyo.
Just like the Ghost Stories dub, even better than the original.


Hello Fellow Degenerates this is my new home


konbanwa, berty-chan


Everythings gonna be daijoubu in this club of degeneracy


My buddy keeps trying to get me to watch it with this video:


LOL That video is my stream notifications. That dub is actually great




Ghost stories is so good. I Wish there were more like it but I doubt


I approve of Ghost Stories’ dub.



I am legit in love with steins gate 0 its so fun having mc being a heart broken mess


Just finished Danshikoukousei no Nichijou, shit was great.
Laughed like a fucking idiot and was legit wheezing at some points.


Actual, the most realistic depiction of high school in anime.