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I found a way to buy stuff on again! I think it might have been 2 years since the last time I used it, when they stopped accepting foreign credit card, even when connected with a VPN. But there was that OST I really wanted and I couldn’t find a way to yyyaarrr it. And it was out of question I bought it on Apple Music and have a shitty AAC, or on Amazon with shitty MP3.

But then I discovered you can easily setup a Rakuten Pay account with a foreign credit card, and just use the service to pay in, and it works!!!

HR goodness, I’m back!!!

edit: Finally my last purchase was in November 2017 (geez) and it was the OP and ED of Yuri Kuma Arashi

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Finally got time to start My Hero Academia Season 3. So far its very good. Problem is there are so many other shows to watch now, how do I choose…or find more time in the day

I definitely recommend the deluxe editions, especially for viewing Miura’s beautiful full page spread artwork in a larger printed format (7"x10"). They also include all of the cover artwork with each respective omnibus volume. Typically each volume is about $30-$35 depending on where you find them.

Such a shame that Tokyo Pop is basically a husk of the publisher it was now and seems to just push out Disney trash and other miscellaneous books. They had so many popular licenses that I hope will one day get saved and reprinted at other publishing houses like Seven Seas or Yen Press.


Just got these in from RS, kinda sucks the rest of my order got delayed at least a few weeks though. I think I have most of the 4K animated movies released so far. Hopefully gkids will push to get 4K remasters done for the ghibli films or any of the satoshi kon films they have.


Rip Totally Mark got 150 videos removed by toei

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Oh there’s gonna be a rebuild of Mawaru Penguindrum. Excited to see what it gives!

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I enjoyed watching this.

Shinji get in the damn PC!


This was the cutest thing ever.


I gave it a read, it’s very wholesome! On first impression, the art and plot reminded of Fruits Basket. Later when I checked the recommendations, I saw Fruits Basket as a top recommendation

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I’ve seen it and liked it quite a lot. It is such a nice overall story. Not too exciting, but just nice characters and art in a decently told story. :slight_smile:

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Sounds like something I should try. Added to PtW.

this seasons not as packed with winners and i think zevda plot needs to move up on my to do list

watching vintage anime
Rougin z