Animatronic Robot Stripper

What does TS think about the Animatronics master and his team who created the Robot StripperThis art project questions the degree and range machinery can invoke human emotional responses:

  • Robot dances to music with life like qualities.
  • From a far, sexually arouses the passerby.
  • As one moves closure, it speaks philosophical statements.
  • In close, it begins to strip tease and using eye tracking it stares directly into your eyes.
  • Quite the range of human emotions: it entices, pulls you in, makes you curious, then freaks you out.



I'm still trying to figure out why you would build this is and this is art ?


that mask is perfect

Come on, if you're pro flying spaghetti monster you can't say this isn't art...

Ok you got me there fair enough. XD

Why? It’s the perfect way to advertise your abilities as an animatronics builder.
In the renaissance, paint was the prevailing medium. Today, its technology.
Art is defined as any new experience or medium that makes you question previous notions of reality or to invoke a novel emotional reaction.

what is comming out of it's chest? 

A support arm.

I wonder where they got the Mask from.

well, guess this is one job people will always be better than people at.

Interesting art to say the least.

It's resemblance to a human is uncanny!

I'm still trying to decide which android to choose.  It's the year 2032, and I can order any bot from entertainment history (with an authentic, albeit harmless, persona) plus a large selection of celebrity look-alikes.

I want something that's as physically capable as a human, but not sentient, and not networked.  Some hacker turning my bot against me would not be too nice after all. 

I think I'll take a C3PO, and a random slutbot.  '3PO will take offence at everything, and I will be amused.  Good times.