Animals- Wild, Tame, Pets, Whatever!

Spider up-close
In Flight

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I feel kinda lame putting this one up, compared to yours. But fuck it, it's a Monday. I found this wildthing stalking around an old industrial site.


I had to pull over and take a couple shots of this guy while driving thru Stanley Park today.

Dogeee when she was small

Dogee now

My chicken trio, may they rest in peace.

Some of my favorites

Butterfly up close

Australian Blue Wren

A little Falcon from a falconry demonstration

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So gonna give this a shot:

Here are a few pictures I have taken of the regular birds in my garden. Pretty new to photography...



I went for a walk down by the river today and made a new friend.


Something, something, something, freedom.

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just to keep this topic going.
From my current South Africa trip.

Met this guy on a walk the other day, 1st time I've seen this breed. Egyptian Pharaoh Hound. Passably my new favorite.

Mom feeding the youngins.