Animals- Wild, Tame, Pets, Whatever!

Does your camera/flash combo require you to use that remote transmitter or does it have one built in as well?

Checks dial, set to manual nice!

It wasent me it was like this when i got here lol

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Actually set to Aperture currently as the last pic I took was in A. The angle shows M. (kinda how if you look at clock with physical handsat an angle time will shift)
Don't worry though, the birds were taken in Manual, as the automatic features of my flash do NOT work at all, it's 100% manual, my fist pic was overexposed by 5 or 6 stops because of this :P

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Aperture and Program mode (Canon) are some of my favorite modes to shoot in. Full manual is nice and has its places, but when you are moving locations and have different lighting or need to get photos quickly I go with Aperture or Program.


If I have the time to set it up, manual for sure, but action=aperture or shutter priority. My challenge has been remembering to switch focus mode. AFS or AFC.

Technically all modern speedlites and prosumer DSLRs can communicate remotely via the popup flash on the camera body and the speelite's optical slave sensor via line of sight. The radio triggers allow placement anywhere in broadcast range without needing said sight.

Found full size images on an old PC! Downscaled them for the site.

Water buffalo just before it charged at our Land Cruiser.

White rhino with its calf.

Some lions chilling in the shade, eating a zebra they'd just killed.

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Some really good photos here. Mine was taken with a phone a GS 4. They are of my dog.

This is the most recent one.


Nice shots in here. I don't have anything as interesting as a lot of these (I never really did any wildlife stuff), but here are a few old shots from back when I was into photography:

This last one is a terrible shot, but the deer just popped up out of nowhere on the trail I was walking on, freaked me out, then freaked themselves out and dove in the water while I was trying to swing my camera up to snap off a few shots. I'm not sure where the original is. Probably buried somewhere on my server. All I could find was this B&W edit:

The Cow and Cicada Killer were both shot with a Canon 30D, the former with a nifty fifty, the latter with a 70-300mm. The deer were shot with a Nikon D70. I don't remember off hand what lens I had on it, but I think it was my old 80-200mm.


lol, I actually quite like that last one.

German Shepards make me melt.

Recent shot of my cat Puffen.

The 35mm f1.8 DX lens is great.

Mom taking the kid out for a walk.

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Here's a bunch of my faves from Central America and back home.


Caught these two playing around in the yard.

This really looks like Gandalf the cow to me.

Keeping up with the Cat pictures.