Angular/node and the secret sause

I'm wondering if using Angularjs and Nodejs will keep backend business logic hidden like PHP.

In other words, since JS is historically a front end language, all the code is visible if the source is viewed. However, if you use PHP to dynamically generate page views, the scripts are obscured and only the HTML is displayed. Does backend JS follow this concept?

Node.Js is server-side code-- the client will have no idea what is going on back there.

On another note, why go with Node.js? Just curious.

My gut tells me it's important and to use it. It's functionality is fascinating and I really enjoy using it and learning more about it.

It's utilities are awesome! The modules from NPM provide a ton of functionality,and the opportunity learn a ton and become more productive, both as time goes on and projects get larger. Lastly, JS is an extremely versatile language, and it's going to continue to grow in use (unless the mobile market totally overwhelms the web app market.)

It's like the entire node ecosystem is super interesting. It's freaking cool. I like using it and want to get better at it.

(Thanks for the response BTW)

Fair enough, to each his own I guess.
Appreciate the detailed answer. Good luck!