Angels Big Operation. lol

Well well finaly the operation went well.

How it was:


Comparison, size does matter!

Evil Red.

Trough the windows.

End result.

The pictures are a bit crap, will post new ones as soon as possible.

Mounting the Phanteks cooler wasn´t as easy as expected. But in the end it all went well. Thermal paste job was a mess, had to do it 3 times... lol. But in the end it was worth it.

I tested a prime test for 30 minutes, and my cpu temp didn´t went higher as 50 degrees on stock. this is realy a huge diffrence with stockcooler, who rant upto 65 degrees after 10 minutes of Aida64., also the noice lol from jet engine, to wisper quiet. ☺

Maybe i gonne play with some overclocking, but i´m gonne upgrade my mobo as well lateron this year for a themed one. i also gonne add some fans.

THe biggest pain in the ass was the USB 3.0 connector as you cannot see, its spotted right between the cpu cooler and the GPU, you can see how manny clearance i had to work inbetween there.. lol ☺


shmexy :P I like the red. I totally agree that the stock amd cooler sounds like a jet engine... its horrible to play in a room with one...

How's the ram clearance btw?

Well as i striped my old case appart, i realy saw the benefit of the so called dust filters, "not much" lol. With the stockcooler the system ran hot. alot of dust even with dust filters.

Ram clearance is okay, as long as you use low profile ram. i use corsair vengeance LP ram. but G.skill sniper will also be no problem, you can play abit with the hight of the fan. But it absolutly blocks everything. ☺

its...its beautiful, that heat sink is a really nice shade of red.

Looks really awesome all together :D

That cooler looks pretty cool. You went from plain jane to racy red. Have fun with oc'ing.

Really like the colored cpu cooler. Did you paint it?

Well i tried an overclock in windows using the Asus Suite II software, i only bumped up the ratio. i had it on 4.6GHZ and i had the same temps as stock, did not ran much warmer.. i bumped it up to 4.8GHZ but then the system froze, i guess, not enough voltage. But i hade it rocket stable at 4.6GHZ with just using the Asus Software, i know for sure that i can get it stable at 4.8 aswell, but then i need to overclock, using the bios. to add some more voltage. i had it on 1.38V

No the Phanteks PH-TC14PE cooler you can buy thease in 5 diffrent colors.

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Red
  4. Blue
  5. Orange

The black and the blue ones are also very nice painted on the top.

Ya, i was so torn between the D14 and Phanteks if the d 14 hadnt gone sale for cheaper than the phanteks. It would of been the phanteks. OH, the silence is sweet. lol Nice build!

Thank you, it took a bit longer that i had expected lol, the mounting of the phanteks was not that easy as i expected. its realy big you see i dont have much clearance between the cooler and the GPU, and between that i had to connect the USB 3.0 fron connector..

But the cooler basicly covers most parts of the motherboard, but i would realy like to have a black/red mobo as well... maybe i gonne buy a dead blackred board for 5bucks, and then gonne takeoff those red pci-e slot covers, and put them on mine board, just an en experiment. ☺

About fans and lights. i would like to read some of your opinnions into that.

I gonne add some fans aswell but i am doubting abit, if i should get NZXT led fans, or not.. in the side panel i can add a 140mm fan, and on the top i can add 2x200mm or 2x140mm. but im doubting  if i would  buy led fans or not.

So whats your opinnion about led fans, and  which color would you match with this evil red buid?

Basicly i do like the clean white look of the NZXT non led fans aswell, matches good with the red.

I also saw a NZXT led hose, diffrent colors, i was thinking of buying it.. opinnions?.

About the Phantom 530. i can recommend it to everybody, who is looking for a case with alot of space and options for air or water cooling.

My preference would be to mount 1x140 in the top  . Something quiet with vibration damping. Skip the side fan (Think that side fan may work against the over all airflow of the case)put one Sp in the bottom of the case. Nzxt does make rbg light strip. any color and reusable plus you can position it to highlight anything you want . Should leave you space to tweak airflow by adding more fan if temps start running to hot. Just my ideas

You have a good point on there,  i can put a 120mm fan on the bottom as well, and i can also install a 120 or 140 on the hardrive cage the top i could also indeed add just one 140 mm. i think that i dont gonne get ledfans, basicly the white blade of NZXT fans looks good. i could also add  2 phanteks red or white fans in offcourse lol ☺

For the leds, i think i gonne go for ledstrips indeed, instead of led fans, or led hose. those strips are easy to mount. and i can place them where ever i want, they are also cheap ☺

p.s sry for my grammer i did not sleep for 24hours lol ☺

Really nice job, and color coordination, there. 

Needs more red.


Response to your protest, bitch

Ye im realy thinking about upgrading my mobo aswell.

Maybe the Asus croshair V Formula Z, Asrock 990FX Fatal1ty pro, Asrock 990fX Fatal1ty killer. But the Phanteks covers alot of the blueness, so its something i have to think about. cause i realy want a R9-290 aswell. so i need to think twice if its realy worth to upgrade my motherboard. I´m basicly not interessted in CF, so the biggest question would be, is it worth it to upgrade to a 990FX chipset board for me.. It does not bring me much more extra´s,  only color..

I had a nooby overclock in windows, using Asus auto tune option in windows, i only bumped up the cpu ratio, bring it to 4.5 / 4.6, and ik was rocket stable. i did try it on 4.8, but my system froze inmediatly, probably 1.38V is not enough lol.

But i gonne add some case fans, and some redlights maybe. ☺

P.s 120mm fans look abit small :-( lol

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