Android video player & 1440p

Looking to be getting a new phone, and it may have a 1440p display. Any suggestions on video players? Looking into MX and VLC, but i just want to know if they handle 1440p playback well (i assume with HW acceleration).

Also, if you have any sources to some good 1440p videos i can download, that would be great, otherwise i will just use Youtube.

I would wait until the new nexus device and the moto x pure are out and properly reviewed before you buy any phone. As for 1440p content I don't think you need a special player to play it. The main problem is that almost all video content is still produced in 1080p.

MX Player should do fine, with HW Acceleration (OPO), I was able to run some 4k video without issues.

Good 1440p, I might mention that if it is a phone, the density will be so high you won't notice the difference between 1080p and 1440p on the same screen, on the OPO's screen 720p and 1080p look basically the same.

@Nickco43 I am actually refering to the Moto X Pure :) Can't wait for the Nexus, though, and $399 is at my absolute limit i will pay for a phone anyways. Rumors say September 3rd for the Moto. i hope so. i literally don't have a phone line right now.

@VXAce I am sure it is hard to tell the difference, but i would still love to track down some 1440p content :P

Awesome video, by the way.

I mean, there is youtube, and i could watch some of those beautiful timelapse nature/star videos (some shot in 4K and 8K), but if i could, i would love download some non-stream compressed 1440p video.

Even 4K, because it could be down-converted.

Yeah, compressed or not you won't notice the difference. But if you insist, track down some 4K (soon iirc?) or UHD BDs, those are probably your best bet. I think the Planet Earth was getting a successor at some point in 4K.

Wait for reviews of the moto x pure. It has a TFT screen and a kinda small battery for 1440p.

@VXAce Yeah, i'll just try and do that. hell... UHD Blurays are supposed to come this year... but i don't know.....

@Nickco43 I'm sure MKBHD will get a review out near launch date.