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Android Reverse Tether - Gnirehtet



Having run out my 16 GB of full speed LTE on Google Fi, I was rate-limited to 256 kbps and thought, “There’s got to be a better way!” It turns out that an open source project, written in Rust was on Github. It enables a NAT router of sorts to operate on cross platform OS’s (mine is GNU/Linux) and connects to the Android phone over ADB. After initializing sort of a pseudo-VPN connection, I’ve got full internet speeds through my laptop’s wifi over USB while charging my phone!

For anyone looking for a similar solution, it’s pretty nifty so far.

Gnirehtet provides reverse tethering for Android

Introducing “gnirehtet”, a reverse tethering tool for Android


Back in 2008/Android 1.0/1.1 days I ended up using adb ppp ... with my G1 since at the time I didn’t have a proper sim, and was impatient to get the phone working. (At the time you had to have a data sim to use a phone/log in, or use Wi-Fi by firing an intent to run settings over adb so you could connect to WiFi).

This seems to use a newer method, but still using adb and not emulating a USB Ethernet adapter for example.