Android Phone Super Dock

This is probably the right spot, does such a thing exist?

I'm looking for an accessory for my new android phone is there one that comes with

A keyboard

Full Controller

An extra battery

At least 2 USB ports

and that can be universally clipped onto a phone through an adjustment system?


If not how do I get one made?

Take a brick.

Tape to phone.

Carry around.

See how it feels.

That is what you will carry smashing that much into one. 

I will gladly carry around a brick that has great functionality. I wish we had modern UMPCs.

it can prolly be done with a battery powered pico board but the enclosure would be a challenge if you didn't have a 3d printer or a hobby box n dremel or something

so yea a simple board....slim power bank...slim qwerty board....and lots of insulation to avoid shorting out something maybe

then again a power bank taped to a qwerty keyboard type phone cover would be the the other stuff you can prolly just use a universal case thats big enough for the extra thickness

if the phone was magnetic you could use this thing


What's the first thing?

My basic idea would be a universal mount on top with something of a locking drawer system to pull out the keyboard/controller and the battery at the top.

And is it just my phone or do most phones not function with the average USB keyboard/flash drive.

you just need a microusb adapter to use the average hardware.......although a average keyboard would be a tad silly

first thing was some sort of phone case with a keyboard....i just googled imaged everything

I have an "OTG" cable, it works fine for flash drives/keyboards on my 7" tablet, but not on my phone for whatever reason, I ain't never had an android phone before.


Apparently mine doesn't support that stuff, it's an LG Optimus Fuel from tracfone.