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Android Phone Not Taking ADB Commands In Fastboot?

So RN I’m working on a friend’s phone. He bought an LG Aristo 2 from someone recently and he wants it rooted and lineage 14 installed. Easy enough, but one issue. The phone doesn’t seem to be able to accept any adb or fastboot commands other than:

adb reboot bootloader
fastboot flashing unlock
fastboot flashing unlock-critical
fastboot oem unlock
fastboot oem flashing unlock
fastboot reboot

but, again, every time I try to erase or flash an image it just… fails.

Now there is one guide for Lin 14.1 that says to downgrade to android 7.1 first via the official KDZ, THEN flash and all that, but literally no other documentation says anything about it. Am I missing something? This should be a simple unlock, flash recovery with twrp, flash other stuff, wowee zowee wam bam it all is workin.

I have to wonder if an efuse blew somewhere, but then certain functions either wouldn’t work, it wouldn’t turn on, or the serial / registry number would be wonky in system. Nothin looks weird, the phone works fine… I’m just missing some data here. Any suggestions? I would immensly appreciate the help here.

Did you enable ADB from the developer options settings? I don’t see how a functioning ROM can’t respond to adb commands for any other reason.

yeah oem unlock is on and developer settings is on. The phone also has a firmware tag for automatic updates which seems to block some of the commands listed above. Unsure why, but if I turn that off no problem.

Still can’t send other commands though. Unsure what to do atm. Thinking kdz downgrade will help.

If it’s on Lineage you don’t need to have OEM unlock on since the bootloader is already unlocked. Also I was talking about the ADB enable option. When you connect the phone and try to use ADB a message will appear on the phone asking if you want to authorize the computer to access ADB or not.

So the auto updates option breaks some commands, but some get through. What commands work and what don’t?

As far as I remember any kind of downgrade is dangerous and, if I were you, I’d avoid it at all costs if possible.

What I think is that OEM unlock is breaking the other commands you’re trying to execute.

all commands listed are the ones that work. I haven’t gone through ewery single command of course.

alsoits stock, hasn’t been modified yet

Might be a little hijacking here but… I actually have the same issue with my Moto X Play, but I thought it was related to it being set up encrypted.
I can get it into the bootloader by holding the volume buttons when connecting the USB cable, but from there I can’t do anything, it’s not even in the ADB device list (ADB works fine when it’s already booted and I accept the debugging notification).

Sorry for the misunderstanding then.

I think he nailed the issue here. Android in preinstalled crypted since Android 6 I think so you need to disable encryption to move forward.

Weird… It is android 8.1… that could be it.

:thonk: k how tho

Is that even possible? It’s been over two years since but I seem to remember having to set up encryption on first install (came with Android 6), and it warning me that it was irreversible… might be misremembering though.

On 7.1 and 6 it means that your rom would need a reset. 8.1 and 9 are automatically encrypted unless otherwise set by the developer.

Yeah thought so, so it’s essentially irreversible without loosing the data… bummer for me :sweat_smile:

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I have a curious thought to look at if glashing a downgrade gets rid of that protection flag. Its not going to be horribly insecure, before anyone reee’s.