Android phone: LG G5 install Root/LineageOS [Question]

I just got an LG G5. It's got an insane amount of bloatware on it. Everything wants permission to my butthole. It is seriously rediculous.

I found the following guide for installing LineageOS on an LG G5:

Before just leaping in I wanted to get the communities feedback on this. Is the above link a solid jumping off point? Tips?

At this point I am considering getting a tablet that I can install Linux on (with an up-to-date kernel for fucks sake) and just getting a cheap burner phone. I rarely call people anymore. Mostly I use my phone very similarly as to how I would a laptop. However, a laptop doesn't fit in my pocket.

Yes that website is legit-ish.

but this is from the Lineageos website

Instructions for LG G5 (T-mobile)


I dont know how the G5 works but my wifes G4 was a total pain to get set up with custom rom and recovery. I would seriously consider just rooting the stock rom and manually removing the bloat, then install your launcher of choice. The security on the G4 was such that it would sometimes randomly lock after a reboot, detecting the non stock rom. I would then have to restore from backup to get going again.

She has since switched to a Nexus 6 and hasnt looked back. We are a nexus only home now (5, 5x, 6, 6p, 7 v2012, and a 9). I'm sad they're gone, and google is going premium only.

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Mega-GIga Necro.