Android on a chromebook?

Hey guys, so I am looking for a cheap laptop just so I can browse the web at school and outside of my room etc. So I was looking at Chromebooks, however the os seems a bit crappy and I was wondering, would it be possible for me to put android on a chromebook?

Thanks, Dan


Jep, I think it would be possible with Android x86. I installed it once on a Acer notebook just for fun and it worked quite well. But I can not tell if it will do the same on a chromebook. Maybe you know someone who could test it for you?

Most chromebooks can have linux installed. Android as a laptop OS would be worse than Chrome OS. And if you're just wanting to browse the web, then Chrome OS would be more than enough. 

Okay, cheers man

Yeah, maybe, thanks man:)

I have a Chromebook and I think chrome OS is just fine for me but make sure to get a chromebook with a Intel cpu. 

Chrome os has gotten a HE'LL of a lot better as of recent. 

I say keep it as is or install plain old desktop linux

Chrome OS is now going to be getting support for Android applications.

Nice man, thanks for all the help!