Android Miner

Is there any way to test Android's Cryptocurrency-mine performance? NiceHash for instance offers a performance check and I wonder if there is something for Android as well.

There's a few problems here:

  • In a huge dick move, Google has intentionally blocked OpenCL on phones
  • the bandwidth of mobile phone memory is laughable
  • mining algorithms have likely not been optimized for phones
  • OpenCL compliance on mobile GPUs is terrible

Not worth your time :wink:

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Thanks :slight_smile:
The reason I'm asking is to determine if it would be interesting for malware to mine some form of cryptocurrency. Even though I guess it should be viable, since malware developers won't pay your electricity bill, but I'd have liked to know how viable this approach really is. Hence the mining benchmark.

It sure is viable :neutral_face:

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Yeah I remember, but I'd like to know just how profitable :wink:

Profitable is the wrong word.

Loss is more appropriate.

The only situation where this would be profitable is in blackhat scenarios where you're making most of your income from other sources anyhow.

Try mining on the raspberry pi. Its also arm. I read that cards with VRAM less than 2GB have problems mining ethereum, mine uses 3GB VRAM on average when mining.

Funny, when I tried DaggerHashimoto (etherum) it didn't go above 1.5GB, but I'm not sure.

Since a RPiuses an ARM CPU it might be comparable. Still, I'd have liked an actual smartphone mine-benchmark. has an Android app that mines various currencies.

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Thanks - sadly, one has to create an account :frowning:
I'll give it a try nontheless though.

I agree with you, phones will be good when they run normal linux with some graphical tweaks.
In their current state all of them suck.

Doesn't increase bandwidth though.

I don't see that happening anytime soon either. In fact, it appears Google is trying to get rid of linux in phones alltogether:

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Yeah, if it happens it won't come from elgoog

Thanks for the link, I wasn't even aware of Fuchsia until now. I still doubt that Google will switch from Linux to Fuchsia on Android in tje forseeable future.

They said both platforms will coexist, I think fuchsia will be higher end however their objective might be to replace android.