Android Game Controllers, any suggestions?

I got a bunch of Android game years ago in a Humble Bundle and subsequently bought a few more on the store and used to use the PS3 controller but the developer removed their app and that’s gone, it was perfect, could do anything input wise.


What are modern Bluetooth, I doubt USB-C controllers exist, that are worth getting? Any interesting options out there? For reference is LOVE the Steam Controller where most think it is freaky.

I’ve heard good things about Razer mobile controllers, but I don’t have any first hand experience so I can’t claim anything. I’m looking at getting the Kishi, but I feel like I would use it for a month and then drop it for good.

Nah I don’t like those, I would like a separate more traditional controller.

I’ve been considering getting this


Oh wow yeah that looks good. I will have to look into it more.

I’ve been looking to get a Steel Series Stratus Duo but I was gifted an Xbox One Wireless controller.

It has a 2.4 GHz mode for power saving and Bluetooth for Android and other devices. It claims 20+ battery life. It works plugged/wired as well.

It should be plug and play even for Linux.

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On the list thanks.

Xbox One Controller is probably the most hassle free.

Just make sure you get one of the newer models. The first 2 generations (and first gen Elite) had no Bluetooth so if you get old inventory or just buy the wrong SKU it will not work.
Model numbers to watch out for not to get: 1537, 1697, 1698 (Elite)
If you look for Xbox One S controller you will most likely get a correct one since that is one of the newer models.

Alternatively you can just look for Xbox Series controllers that are essentially the same hardware with an additional button. Series controllers are also USB-C while One controllers are Micro-B.

All of them work on Linux regardless and so should be supported on Android as well.
Be mindful though that controller support still comes down to the game developers, so just because the controller is recognised by android does not mean it will work 100%, same as for PC games.

One thing to note for all of them (except model 1797 “Elite 2”): None of them come with batteries. They get power either via USB, AA batteries, or an optional battery pack (AKA play & charge kit).


Steam Deck + anbox

Somewhat kidding, but that would give you oddness like the Steam Controller.

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I bought 3 of the SteelSeries Stratus Duo’s for my son, my wife and myself. My son has put them through the toughest tests, my wife put it through the “it just works test” and I’ve used it occasionally and they’re definitely great to have for both Phone and PC play.


This looks nice for on the go.

Almost all the same features but a bit smaller.

I am trying to find a better retailer for the Pro 2 controller then Amazon UK thanks to a additional charges.

I’ve tested both the 8bitdo SF/SN30 and XBOne controller with my RP2 and Tab A (2018). They worked just fine.
The 8bitdo controllers also support different platforms “out of the box” ("" cause for the 2.4Ghz mode you’ll need their USB dongle, but that works fine on PC too).
For long term use I’d recommend either a XBox controller (carefull, if you happen to get an old XBOne controller, they only support 2.4GHz with the Microsoft Wireless Adapter, NO BT; but I doubt there are too many out in the wild anymore, plus if you look the models up online there’s a visual difference to tell them apart) or the 8bitdo Pro 2 (Pro Plus is fine too) as they can take (rechargeable) AA batteries or a battery pack (the SF/SN30 only have a 480mAh soldered battery and the shape probably isn’t the most comfortable).

The XBOne controller worked fine out of the box with emulators on Android.
The 8bitdo controllers have an app although I don’t think it’s necessary, just gives you more features.

While they both (the Series X for XBox) use Type C, I have no idea if it’s just for charging or if you can use them wired too.

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They can be used wired (on PC at least, not sure if Android allows the USB connection to provide power), been doing that for years until I got a Play&Charge Kit this year.

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Does for a USB DAC, so maybe.

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Just remember, bluetooth eats more battery than the 2.4GHz model and I think the 2.4GHz also has better latency. It may make a difference in battery life.

Having a replacable battery pack will also does wonders for longevity if you take care of the controller itself.

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