Android emulating on Linux: QEMU/KVM or Waydroid + KWin (both not working as of writing this)?

I’ve been trying to get Android on both PC n Laptop for specific software that my loved one suggested me for reference poses (Drawing n such stuff), but it’s android only, and I’ve already messed with it. Why do I need a VM? Cuz I despise using phones for this stuff, my eyes hurt after 5 minutes of staring at this sodding brick. Anyway. I prefer it over what I have on PC (And blender is sadly out of scope due to my pc being, crap, and not liking me running blender), but I can’t decide which to go for, since both have issues (QEMU n Waydroid)
QEMU: the installed version never loaded
Waydroid: No wifi or seeing my apps/apk files on SSD.

I’d like to find out how to fix both of these, so I can use waydroid on my laptop, since it’s weaker, and QEMU on PC. Thanks, and sorry if this is a bit stupid.

Not necessarily what you want to hear, but maybe…

Android x86 if you manage to launch arm apps.
Buy strong sbc and buy cheap lcd.
Make yourself a remote screen on your device with arm and connect to PC / Lap.

If only SBCs were easily obtainable here w/ not mental prices. cough 180$ for 8GB rPi4… :facepalm: