Android Development

Hello my fellow Tek Syndicate community members,

I am writing this post as I am in need of your knowledge. I have been searching for good tutorials on android development, but I have failed to do so, and thus I am seeking for information here.

Do any of you know any site/book that would be useful for me? I already have an idea in my mind of an app I want to create, but I will not be able to do so without your help.

Thank you very much,


You can easily Google this. Since Google is the developer of Android, right now their online tutorial is a great place to start.

if your going to use any program use one called eclipse

If you are looking for a good site to get started with Android development, the author of CoreServlets, Marty Hall, has a pretty good Android intro tutorial:

Before you start, make sure you download the Android plugin for either NetBeans or Eclipse, whichever is your preferred IDE.  If you are unfamiliar with NetBeans or Eclipse, both are free, both are great IDEs that support multiple programming languages.  I prefer NetBeans, but that is just personal preference. 


As an alternative to both Eclipse and Netbeans you could try Android studio. Grab it here: "". Note that this thing is still in development, so only go down this road if you're feeling brave.  

Use adobe flash. It is amazing and easy to use

Have you looked at Scripting Layer 4 Android?

It used to be a Google-led program but they have since abandoned it. However, unless you require specific Android API features that have only recently been introduced you can still use it fine. It has bindings for Python too, so you can run Python on your phone.

Use it as a stepping stone to full-fledged Java programming.