"And then this happened!" (screenshot corner)

How about a place for screenshots? Lots of folks play games here, right? Lots of games are glitching out in bizarre ways, lots of people come up with fun stuff… Show that here!

I think I just found tux racer in WoW:



Spicy space craft mating.

Patrolling the air-space.

Coming in for a landing.

“Another happy landing!”

Am I doing this right?


“You see Ivan…”


To the gulag, with this one.

Release the hounds…

Skyrim in the … future?

Outnumbered, overwhelmed by cheating scrubs, and we still dominated.

Lol get rekt

PUBG inside someones head

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“traffic wont be a problem this time I promise!”


still need to build some surface level bridges across the river

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What’s the second game you’ve got shown there?

Ashes of the Singularity! Great, great game. Sins of a Solar Empire but terrain versus space

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Some old school bullshitery Joint Operations style

When you loaded things in the chopper they would bounce clipping through the floor.

Messing on the server instead of shooting.

Don’t let the bot fly!

If I fits I sits…

Is it parked or just a close formation?

Great topic idea! I’ll be posting some of mine soon

So I’m driving in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and there it is…

Just on the side of the road… Sitting there…

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Haha, bye bye textures…
That reminds me of my copy of No Man’s Sky… Absolutely the same thing - the entire game had only smoke textures and skyboxes. My guess is smoke is a particle effect and not really a textured object.

Yeah, when Fallout 4 came out I had to turn wetness effects off or that would happen. Would go from around 55 FPS down to 15.

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The merchant mount thinks it’s a zip file.

And what it should look like.


Just a snap from back when I played GTA 4.


Final Boss!

WoW Classic stress test

I actually paid a one month sub just to play classic for 48h on US.




Still WoW… 8.2 is kinda boring… but pretty.
Edited this one a little.