An investment? Corsair Vengeance K95

Hey everyone,


I'm a fairly new gamer to the PC world and have only been playing on PC for a few months and I'm going broke with all these Steam Sales! However, after I had built my computer; I only had $130 for a new keyboard and mouse. Anxious to play Left 4 Dead 2 with my friends, I immediately went down to my local Best Buy and bought the following Razer Deathstalker and Deathadder 2013. Ever since I had bought this keyboard and immediately a week after; I started to hate it. And hate it. And hate it. After reaching out for some advice with a few random players that I met through Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn(Current MMO); they recommended a lot of mechanical keyboards. But, after doing some research, I believe that I have a keyboard that may work for me. The Corsair Vengeance K95. I just ordered it today and placed a one-day shipping for it.

>Does anyone have or have had experience with this particular keyboard?

>P.S. - I've watched the LinusTechTip's video of this particular keyboard and I'm thrilled to finally use it tomorrow for the first time. It'll be my first mechanical keyboard that I'll get to use.  


<I uhm, did a derp and posted this in the old subforum. 

I don't have any experience with the k95, but the reason you don't like your current keyboard is probably due to the fact that it is a membrane keyboard with chiclet style keys. These kinds of keyboards feel like childrens toys designed to imitate computer hardware to me. I have a razer blackwidow, and it is a joy to type on. You should have a similar experience with the k95, though our switches are different. I have cherry mx blue switches while the k95 uses red switches. You will probably never buy a membrane keyboard again. 

I have a logitech G710 + which is a similar keyboard and it's bloody awesome!.  What switches did you order?

The K95 comes with Cherry Red switches. :D

Since I do have warranty with my current keyboard, what I am going to do right after I receieve my K95 is; exchange this keyboard and leave it in the brand new box. :D

I bought the K95 some two or so months ago now and have been using it exclusively since. I love it but I do have a few comments.

I was initially put off by the styling. I saw a K60 in a Big Box store and messed around it. But it was silver and had blue lights coming out from under all the keys, gaudy as fuck. looked like a Christmas tree ornament. I looked around for my ideal keyboard and they did not make it so i took another look at the K95 this time as it was black and had white lights. I was still skeptical about the lights even reports of them dying but they jury is put for now. When I got it I was blown away by the looks, it is really classy compared to the disco ball that was the K60. I love the way this looks

I liked the MX red switches and had from the start said Red were the ones I wanted. But now that I am sitting in front of it and using it all the time the reds are just a little soft. I still really like them but I noticeably bottom out every key. I like the slight noise of the key falling I just wish it was black strength keys or maybe higher but still linear. I might have to looking to spring mods.

The extra keys (G keys) do no store their macro information on the keyboard but on the PC it seems or at least the macros will not work without the additional application running for the keyboard. This annoys me a lot, for me it should be self contained but oh well I don't have much cause to use them at all. They are also on an additional piece of plastic not the aluminium like the rest of the keyboard, just seems a little bolt on rather than intended, but it is solid and looks good so it is not instantly noticeable. 

The media keys are really nice but I already had hot keys from my old keyboard ingrained in my mind so I also don't use them. 

You will probably love this keyboard, it is fantastic. It is really well made and I love it but I would want heavier switches if I bought an other keyboard.