An Assortment of BSODs

Over the weekend while at a friend's place, his computer started to BSOD like crazy on Windows 8 while never repeating the same error message.  After many a CHKDSK, driver cleaning and updates, the problem persisted.  Google'ing the errors usually led us to the conclusion that it was driver based in some form.  We checked a couple of the bug reports and they once pointed to a mouse driver and once to memory.

After running memtest through several passes on several sticks and even replacing the sticks with mine, no problems were found and the problem still persisted.

We decided to reinstall Windows 8 from scratch and everything was cool for a couple of hours during which we played a game of Civilization V.  As soon as the game was over, BSOD.  This computer has been running Windows 8 without ever a single problem since January until last Saturday morning it all came crashing down.

The hardware is:

i7 930

Asus Rampage III Gene

Sapphire 5830

Kingston 2x3GB @1333MHz

Seagate 750GB @7200RPM


Some of the BSOD Error messages were:

Driver IRQL not less or equal

Etempt to execute non execute

Pool Corruption in file area

Systems Service Exception 

Quota Under Flow

Any help or advice on the subject would be greatly appreciated, I know there is a plethora of highly intelligent people here.

Use Windows Event viewer to find the time it BSOD and then look at activity before - might help you focus in on the cause

Also update every driver and Motherboard firmware

Try running Memtest.  Pool corruption is related to the memory. Quota Under Flow means that RAM lost information when being fed.  I'm 90% positive it's your RAM.