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An app for logging gathering locations and sharing them with friends

This is my devember 2021 project:

An app that allows the user to log, on a map, where they something that they might want to gather or re-gather in the future.
There should be options to add images and random information, like harvesting period, to a logged spot.
It should be possible to add a logged spot to lists, for easier sorting.

A feature that is on the roadmap would be the option to share a single spot or a list with other users and sync your logs to the cloud.


Current progress:
The app is capable of showing a map and where the user is.

Next step:
Being able to add a point on the map.

That’s such a cool idea! What I’ve been able to come up similar to this is a custom Google Maps that’s shared between my friends and me + a an spreadsheet with places to eat