Amplifier hum, ground problem possibly?

wake up

that would sound like discharge of power supply smoothing capacitors

other internet sources agree - replace 2 capacitors 4700u/50v C614 & C615
(usually the 2 largest capacitors).

£50 repair sounds about right. A good repair service will also check the whole unit has no other problems.

Do you feel confident enough with your electronics skills to justify risking your life to save £40?

No disrespect to other comments on here but they may not be aware of the differences in 240v UK mains wiring to what they may be used to

If you consider getting a replacement amplifier, try to get one based on a british design with a proper UK 3 pin plug.

Thanks, I don’t believe in my soldering skills enough to replace capacitors really.
I don’t really like the idea of capacitors etc. holding their charge for days / weeks even after being unplugged and then being electricuted by something you’d assume would be safe.

I never really thought not having a proper UK plug would be an issue, but it explains the plastic prong some have.
I might just give the amp away seeing as I can buy one for that much (not as good or second hand).

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I think you need to be more aware of how little impact this has. Also the fact that I am basing my information on electical theory which doesn’t change country to country… and I am in Australia which for the most part follow the EU standards (240V, 50Hz, same colour coding and wiring codes).

These are power filtering capacitors, if they were causing a problem all channels would be affected. This is completely incorrect based on the fault described. The problem is 100% a ground loop problem.

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