Amp+ speakers, soundbar?


I would like to upgrade my PC sound setup.
I don't own a TV so i sometimes watch TV on my computer, i often watch movies and series, plus a lot of music and some gaming so i would like a sound system that works for all those things (a TV soundbar that is for movies but shitty for music wouldn't be a good choice to me).
Also my place is quite small and the wall are not that thick so i don't need something with a huge power.

I was thinking a soundbar+subwoofer or a soundbase (sony and onkyo seem to have some options), these would sit on my desk under my 27" monitor or on the floor for the sub, so not too big would be better.
But i was thinking a 2.1 setup with an amp might be a good option too, although not as easy to set up.
I don't really care about being able to move my speakers so the sound bounces off perfectly so a sound base probably is more convenient..

But i'm having a hard time finding reviews and comparisons of soundbars.
My budget is in the 200-300 ish

Thanks for your help