Amp not picking up sound from vinyl player, solved

So I dug up an old vinyl player from my basement, (akai semi automatic turntable ap a150) which doesn't have a dedicated power cable, and I have to plug it into the akai amp which came with it. When I plug the RCA from the vinyl player to the old Akai amp, it works perfectly. But when I plug it to my modern amp (pioneer VSX 423K) I get no sound. 

What might be the problem?

The problem is the modern amp likely doesn't have a phono input. So you will need a phono preamp. I can't recommend a brand, as I don't have one. But run the rca to the preamp and then another set of rca's to the aux on your amp and you'll be good to go.

DId some diggin up, apparently all of the old amps have inhuilt phono preamps. Well, I guess I'll just run RCA from my old amp to the new one.