AMP/DAC for 250 ohm Cans and 4.2 464w Speaker System?

I'm planning on upgrading from my ATH-M50 to the DT880 pro 250ohm version.

I also purchased the Corsair SP2500 2.1 speaker system >>here<<

And will soon purchase another Corsair SP2500

EQUAL 4.2 464w Speaker system


I want to drive both the Speakers and the Headphones but do not want to do so with a Sound Card due to limitations of accessibility. Any recommendations of an External DAC that would be up for the job?

Any amp that i can move around from living room to gaming room is acceptable. regardless size!


Current Options:






Should i buy the ODAC separate and the Objectives 2 separate?? >>>HERE<<<

 (this would solve my budget problem as i would buy one at a time)


I would love to spend less than $300 for a more budget friendly buy...

$100-$300 budget!


But want to deliver clean sound to the Speaker combo



I find it really odd that you have bought 2 sets of the Corsair speakers. Definitely a first time I've heard of someone doing something like that. I hope your house is earthquake ready, because those subs are massive :P.

Anyway, the O2+DAC combo is great. I've used it once at a friends house, and it is definitely a great product. Only problem with it imo is that all the plugs are in the front. Things can get a bit messy, especially when you have a lot of things going in/out. If you were to buy them separately, definitely buy the amp first, because 250 ohm headphones definitely need an amp. Not sure how you would plug your speakers to this though...

The Asgard 2 is just an amp, in case you didn't realise. If you want a DAC + Amp from Schiit then get the popular choice of going with a Magni+Modi Combo. $200 for both, definitely can't go wrong. This combo is also very highly recommended over at headfi. If you just want an amp, the Asgard 2 is definitely a great product. Once again, I'm not speaking from personally preference, only what others say. But if you got this combo, still not sure how you would plug speakers to it

If you want a good sounding DAC/Amp that can do basically everything I recommend the . This is basically an all rounder do everything product. Can easily connect speakers, via a Tube out, if you like the warm sound of tube amps. I think this is one of the best DAC/Amps in its price range that can do everything it does. 

Just food for thought. Hope this helped 

FiiO E10 for a simpler/cheaper option.

Wow im loving that Maverick..Its beautiful with its possibilities!

I might just consider buying it..then again if ill have to wait a bit for some spear income since i just dished out 400+ bucks.

tell me this

O2 + ODAC vs Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 Plus DAC w/ OPA627 OpAmp & GE5670W Tube

best neutral sounding?

I dont mind spending the extra money to get it done properly =)

im a beginner when it comes to electrical circuitry, so ill give myself some time to learn and understand how the ins and outs of these things work  before i jump in and attempt to build and construct a proper audio device.

i think im going with the objectives O2 and the separate ODAC.


Here is my Setup -1 corsair sp2500 (soon to arrive in mail next week)



This way i can just use the ODAC to supply audio to Speakers and have the O2 for headphones. Also i can have them hooked up like above for convenience.


I need duel RCA to 4 way RCA. Know anywhere i can get a high quality one for a reasonable price?

FunkstaG  look

If you get an RCA on the back of an O2, shouldn't it be an input and not an output?

Better to just get a regular O2, and a splitter. 


I don't want to get a connector hub due to electrical interference. Rather have a single connection straight to devices, also this will reduce clutter. Don't want to add more unnecessary devices to my desk, already too cluttered. (edit bottom)


Im getting my Objective 2 from mayflower electronic website and i can configure the RCA to be output.


your diagram will have me purchase an extra 3.5mm cable and the splitter hub.

this is what i want look



EDIT: Im considering getting a splitter! is this a good option 



Well you could get a splitter cable instead of a hub for less:

but there's also cheaper hubs if you're intent on that:

I'm going to do the splitter. simpler and cleaner.

thanks for the direction and help everyone 

christmas is around the corner and i just want to check one more time before i make my purchase.

i want to buy the odac and o2 seperate. one for christmas and another a month later.

which do i buy first, ODAC or O2?


Can I use ODAC with 250ohm headphones? or will i NEED the O2 amp?

thanks and happy holiday shopping 

Would recommend getting the amp first. 250 ohm headphones definitely need something to power them, so they work at 100%. One month difference between purchases isn't long to wait for a DAC. But a good amp helps with better sound anyway. Enjoy your new gear :)