anyone else here a Nintendo fan?

collecting amiibo is very hard and it's just getting harder by the day.

The demand in europe (especially germany/austria) isn't really that high. Some were harder to find in the first few weeks but you can basically get all of them whenever you want right now. I don't own any of them but a friend of mine has every single one twice, he keeps one sealed and then uses the other one.

In Australia they are basically MIA now. I was not going to get the 3 I wanted (Fox, Samus and Link) till Jan and now everywhere is sold out the stooges.

At the end of the day I wanted them more as little figures of Nintendo characters that I have no figurine of rather than using it with SSB.

That is another thing that annoys me. I wanted to wait till Jan to pick up Smash Bros with the GC controller adapter too and that bundle went way of the Woolly Mammoth. Seriously Nintendo just can't get anything right anymore can they. 

yea i got them all had to pay out the ass to scum bags on ebay.