Amh a409u uhd 40

Has anyone seen this monitor? Tried it out?

Is 5ms LED screen, perhaps it will support freesync in future also? well priced. Hows does a LED screen like this compare to TN/LCD/IPS type 4k screens around?


stealth edit...

Looks like a full 40" screen and maybe a bump up in the contrast ratio to 5000:1 (3000:1 for the A399U).

LED is the backlighting.

Yeah, so what back lighting does the A399U have then? I read that pretty much everything is LED anyway.

So this screen has half a inch more size and better contrast? would the colours be better?

Most mainstream tvs/monitors have some sort of LED backlighting.

The specs imply it's got more colours available electronics but what that means we'll have to wait until we see a review I guess.

I am really curious about this as well because I just ordered the A399U and I'm considering canceling that order and getting this instead since it has more connectivity. It also doesn't list tempered glass in the specs so if it just has the AG coating as listed then this would make it so one would not need to degalss the panel.

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I'm in the same boat .. I hope the tek guys do a review on this one and compare it to the new 404k and the a399u as well ...
I'm almost glad I waited on getting the a399u .. If the a409u is a upgrade will most definitely get it.

Right from dream-seller

Type 40 Inch
Panel : VA
Screen Size 878.11 (H) x 485.35 (V) mm (16:8.8 = 21:11)
Contrast Ratio 5,000 : 1
Luminosity 350 cd/㎡
DCR 5,000,000 : 1
Display colors : 8-bit+FRC, 1.07G Colors
Response Rate 5 ms
Panel Surface : Anti-Glare Coating (Haze 1%)
Input HDMI2.0, HDMI1.4 x2, DP1.2, AUDIO In/Out, SPDIF, USB(Firm Only)
Speaker 10W x 10W
VESA mount 200mm x 200mm
Optimal Resolution :
Displayport 3840x2160 @ 60Hz
HDMI2.0 3840x2160 @ 60Hz
HDMI1.4 3840x2160 @ 30Hz
RGB 1920x080 @ 60Hz
Size (Stand) 898(W) x 560(H) x 230(D) mm
Size (Stand X) 898(W) x 508(H) x 60(D) mm
Weight (Stand) 10kg
Weight (Stand X) 9.6kg
Weight including packaging 12.3kg
Plug Type Korean C Type Plug
Including remote control(Button Language : English)

This is the thing that catches my eye the most. Seems they made sure this updated version has a USB port. Likely they are working on a freesync firmware? either way I will likely get one of these monitors as the A399 doesn't have a USB port for firmware updates making it impossible to have freesync without a hardware scalar board swap/modification.

Ahhhh I did not know the a399u didn't have the USB .. Very interesting ..
But yes it seams they took the a399u and made a small update in the form of the a409u ;).. USB.. Better ratio, better colors, .5 inch bigger .. And no glass :)
Wonder if the power cord is still integrated...
Not that, that was a big hangup against buying it for me.
Anyway though
The a409u is now at the top of my list for new monitor!

P.s. how would that work for upgrading the firm for freesync? Would it just be a update to the firm.. Or would you have to swap boards?
Still learning about the whole freesync thing lol

Just put the firmware on a usb stick and plug it into the monitor, bang updated. My guess is they will have a freesync firmware in the works as Korean monitor makers are noticing freesync sells better then non-freesync monitors, and if all it takes is a update...

Anyway I will likely be buying one of these this month sometime as my Wasami Mango v1 is going back for a refund due to a fault like I said.

O I see .. Interesting .. Didn't realize that freesync is just a firm update away .. Nice

Cool let us know how it is when you get it .. Very curious if its = > yours and or a399u
Gaming wise would be all I use this beast for :)

i have ordered one also. lol.


Very cool .. Looking forward to seeing what you guys think :)

Delicious! Will you be doing a review on this model too?

Well I'll be on tentorhooks until you get it tested.

Darn it I got the A399U a month ago, this appears to be a nice upgrade for the small price difference. Amazing how fast they iterate over there.

Couple things I noted: First, the screen sizes are actually the same. Second, it's still an 8-bit panel but using FRC to emulate 10-bit (I'll take it!).

They should really just junk the speakers, that's an added cost that nobody is utilizing.

I like having speakers there even if they are junk. Sometimes I'm moving around displays between systems for testing and I don't always want to hook up a set of dedicated speakers, but I still want some audio source.

Really excited about this panel though. I bought two to use for side displays with an ultrawide gaming panel in the middle. Just waiting for that ultrawide to come out :P I know Asus and Acer are both doing 3440x1440 100hz, g-sync displays. That's got my name written all over it :)

Yeah well lets all hope they put that firmware usb port to use and add freesync sometime soon down the line.

I'm not personally concerned with Freesync, but it would be great if they can add that functionality in or maybe some other modded firmware for better menu's / features.

Interesting to hear!

My A399U is under RMA, so any news on this newer screen would be awesome!