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We're going to take a look at the AMH A409 -- successor to the AMH A399. While there are a lot of improvements, the monitor is still not perfect.

However, for the price, it is pretty darn good. We think "A-List" manufacturers could learn a thing or two from these awesome Korean Panels

We've already got a users' thread on the forums, so be sure to check that out if you're thinking about getting one of these:

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Well how long does it take me to sell bone marrow? Though I think I'd stick to the wasabi mango since free-sync and all.

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I love you.

My next question is: Since I am sure you've actually looked at the electronics--Do you think this monitor will actually last? I'm glad to hear that the build quality is better than the A399; but I am still weary in buying one of these because who knows how long it will work before it dies.
I have an old Mitsubishi 40" 1080p screen that I've been using for the better part of a decade as a computer monitor, and would like to make the transition to 4k and a better quality panel in general, but I am afraid its going to die on me pretty quickly.
No need for freesync here...

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I've been waiting for this review. Now I want to see you compare this thing to the freesync one that you talked about and that I also saw in the forum

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I feel like this would be better for an entertainment center like the steam box rather than a conventional monitor, because at this point its basically a TV 12" or so from your face which just sounds painful. I know he says don't knock it till you try it but I feel 27" is pushing the size of a monitor for me. So I might be a bit biased.

Won't happen at 4k, but at 1080p, maybe 1440p? sure.

Most people had good results with these 4k monitors, I'm probably cursed or something which is why the first 2 I had were duds. 3rds the charm right?!

Sure hope so ! I would not go for a 4th.............been going to Church lately ????

Last time I went to church my skin caught fire! so no.

OK............................remember we..........are friends..........ahem...........hey ! of course.
AND NOW I REALLY WONDER WHAT YOU ARE DOING WITH all the SCREENS....that is what are you doing to them, some weird black something................
So you ARE doing these tests in daylight ??????

I would really like to see a review of the new Crossover models (404k and 434k) as well. The 434k is pretty similar to the Wasabi Mango but the response time is better (20ms according to NCX's youtube video review). I haven't been able to find any good information on the response time of the 404k though, and considering it's about $200 cheaper than the 434k it's a tempting option.

Honestly, I found the quoted input lag from Wendell's test on this AMH monitor to be too high for serious consideration. I concede that's not based on firsthand personal experience using a monitor with latency that high though.

The Crossfire and Wasabi's have the same LG IPS screen if I remember correctly. Chances are response times are similar and any reported difference is just error/method because 20ms is WAY to much difference for identical panels...

If I recall correctly Wendell's quoted lag time was about 25 ms or so compared to 20 for the crossover 434k. So it's not very much different, really. But I am curious to know if the 404k is the same, more, or less input lag.

Time to find a new home for my two 27inch 1440p monitors.

how good is on picture by picture mode?

i have a crazy idea of have 2 in vertical mode with 2 screen each. in that way i can have circuit board design software in 2 and embedded programming IDE tool and simulations in the other.

Hi ! My son has a 404K, and from memory it was slightly more than A409U. He games , so it must be quite acceptable in real life. He is not twitch, but close.
He also does code on his 404K.

So is 4k at 40 inch the sweetspot where one does not need to rely and good scaling software anymore?

I should have payed more attention to the video, as wendell stated that it is so. the PPI is practically the same as a 24-in 1920x1200 monitor.

So this form factor will probably be my next upgrade. Just waiting for a version that is

  • Curved: I feel that this monitor is too wide for a flat display. Stuff that's positioned on the outskirts will be at an awkward viewing angle
  • has IPS: as it will have to last me a few years
  • features 120Hz+ or more: for I think that it's subjectively easier on my eyes

500+ dollars is a lot for a monitor that isn't very good.

Huh? These monitors are widely regarded as better than many, if not all, of the $800-1000 options on the market. $550 in the non-Korean monitor market right now can buy you a known commodity, sure, but significantly smaller and rarely any more feature-rich. Outside of @anon63470048 's crazy terrible luck, I've yet to hear any complaint about the purchase.

That's because I'm still waiting for it to turn up, customs are going to randoms the monitor for $150 odd. Which I'm still waiting for the phonecall for, expecting that on Monday so I should have the screen on Tuesday. I'm just pissed off as I told them to make sure they didn't claim the total price as 1000AUD, I should have just told them to put 500usd on the box for the sake of reducing confusion.

If the screen is perfect and no defect I will probably still give positive feedback. But if its busted I will blow my cap!