AMH A399U UHD Help!

Hello I'm looking at getting the AMH A399U UHD, and I was wondering if this setup is fine with running games on it. I5 4670k, 980ti,8GBs RAM. I run 1080 144hz now and have no problem I'm just scared that my setup might not handle games at 4k. Also the monitor on ebay says it comes de-glassed has anyone gotten the de-glassed one yet and should I get the de-glassed over the other one? enter link description here

A 980Ti should be decent at 4K, you can always upscale from 1080p if things get too demanding. Wendell did a video a while back with 980Tis in SLI at 4k and they handled it quite damn well, so worst case scenario you might end up wanting another 980Ti.

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@Wendell you must be flattered they're using your video in the product description haha

Thank you, and Ill get the monitor and use the one 980ti till games get to demanding then Ill pick up another 980ti. And you cant go wrong with the King of the Hill avatars.



Best modes I found are 2560 x 1440 full screen = max settings in most games but with a slight amount of scaling softness.

If you setup a 3440 x 1440 custom res then you can select that in game and are playing in basically 4K with borders, nice n pin sharp (disable scaling under windows).

Well programmed games like Witcher 3 can play in a 3440 x 1440 borderless window on a black desktop for the same affect which is my preferred mode. You're pushing 5M pixels rather than 8M but are still using the majority of the screen.

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Thanks for the reply I keep hearing people that use this monitor use custom res, and Wendel said games look good at smaller res's

I'm gonna get it and get the matte version, thanks for the help!

My understanding is the 980 ti can run all games at a minimum 45 FPS but usually right around 60 FPS. You have to turn off MSAA but it shouldn't matter at 4K anyway. Will be nice when you can run 4k 60 Hz minimum on a single card. I do wonder if your system could be helped with another 8 GB of RAM?

I have the deglassed version. I don't have both to compare and contrast but I like this deglassed, I'd call it semi-matte where the reflection is blurred vs with the tempered glass which is more like a mirror. I sit with my back to a large window so the reflections could be very challenging but they aren't due to the semi-matte.


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