AMH 409U Leaning Forward/Discoloration?

I just received a AMH 409U and although everything seems to be okay with the display itself, it is leaning forward quite a bit. I have detached and reattached the base thinking that I did maybe tilted something screwing it in, but that did not have different results. I wanted to reach out here before trying to contact the manufacturer. Does anyone have any suggestions?


So it's tilting forward?

I have an AMH A409u myself, and haven't experienced that... could you take a picture so we can visualize it properly?

I can't seem to get a good picture that shows it from the profile view. The base is level (sitting on my desk) but the display itself is tilting forward. And like I said I thought maybe I had the base on backwards but it did not help. My level says it is about 3 degrees off forward.

Try putting something with perfect 90 degree angles in front of it, like a box or the side of another monitor or something. That should allow us to see the angle of the monitor relative to a perfect vertical line.

The base is the same for V 1.0 and V 2.0 ?? I have no tilting ! Maybe the frame is off ?? Manufacturing defect or miss-assembly ! Try putting spacers to alleviate the problem !

They are shipping a replacement unit because of two clusters of dead pixels, so I'm not quite worried about the tilt anymore. What I am concerned about is that the center of the screen seems to have a yellow tint behind it. I also notice that there is a large delay when colors rapidly change. Is there a setup guide or tutorial anywhere on what basic settings need to be changed or is this what is to be expected at this price point?

Thank you

Sounds like a type of bleed situation ??? It does happen on 2nd and 3rd grade screens, should not , in the case of AMH. In any case they are replacing, and hopefully checking it before shipping.
I saw that type of discoloration (if I understand correctly), on a couple of cheap 4k tv s.
These were present on some Changhong TV s , depending on were they were on the production line and batches.