AMG : im going mental over my powersypply, simple too noisy at night, need helpp

AMG : im going mental over my powersypply, simple too noisy at night


im having realy issus whit my current power supply corsair 750hx, imo its too loud, the fan is too much for me late at night.

anyone got good options i should look at, im after near dead silent, my fans are noctua running at 600rpm, and i got Gfx tri fan after market on gpu, those are silent, i want to go near that.

i heard some powersupplys dont start if you not using more the 200Watt is that true?

my build is:

i 760

amd 6870

12gb ram

2 T hhd


budget around 100-150$ - i need this issue fixed, its driving me madd, only reason i havent bought new yet is i want a good one first time, and not something similar.


i don't know that much about psu.

you clud do a fan swap whit the psu.

i know it's kinda dangerous.


My psu  is it was way too loud so I swapped out the fan for a noctua static pressure fan. it wasnt the best idea but it worked and is working so far I had to splice the wires to get it to work. But seasonic makes some of the best PSU's and this one is on sale for $100 its hybrid so the fan doesnt turn on until the wattage reaches a certain level so if your system is on idle the fan wont even be on.

good psu i've heard, and it's 100W more than what you have

Some PSU's will market themselves as Silent models. Coolermaster has a few. I think the dBA is usually given as well, which gives indication of noise. I used to run an OCZ 700W PSU that was pretty quiet. Or, Call Corsair and see if they'll do some-sort of upgrade/replacement program for a different PSU.

Go SeaSonic they are efficient and very quiet.

I had the same problem, my Corsair HX850 PSU was driving me crazy. In the end I bought a Corsair AX850 Gold power supply. It's completely inaudible at idle (the fan doesn't even spin). The only way to get silence is to spend a bit more, get a Corsair AX PSU, they're brilliant.

Seasonic makes  the corsiar AX series PSU's the one I posted is basically the same PSU as the AX750.