American government invading MY privacy?

So I was watching (more like listening, but still..) The Tek 0061 and during Rant:30 I realised: The American government is invading the privacy of American citizens. But, since the internet is worldwide, to what extend are they able to read my profile?

I live in The Netherlands, but I use a lot of American services (I'd like to see them as 'worldwide' since most of the services I access probably run on European servers) like Google's Search, Images, Youtube, Maps, Docs, ..., and Twitter, Whatsapp, etc.

Does it matter if the actual server is physically within the American borders? Or is the FBI granted access to all services from American companies? The Internet - according to most sources - was 'invented' in America, so are they granted access to wiretap all of the internet? What are the limits? It's really scary if you think about it..

Ps. I'm sorry if I said America instead of USA ;)

I believe their government can access data from cooperative internet services providers. ISPs outside of America are unlikely to do so.

I'm actually refering to services like Youtube, Google Docs, Dropbox, etc. Things most people use...

Well, that's something you have to consider.  You're not protected by the 4th amendment since you're not an American citizen.  As such, if you access any American based website, it's at your own risk.  No different than if I were to access a Dutch website, and they then turn over my usage data to the Dutch government.   

Since this clown got elected in 2008 its been getting worse and worse, yes worse than the Patriot Act. I don't see it getting any better any time soon.

Well look at us, we're all getting watched upon. The US Government is givnig credits to tech companies people know well the whole time if they agree to give them their logs. Looks like we're going to have a great time trying to bring down this nonsense.

This is another problem when it comes to Intellectual Property Laws. America's laws reach far further than their physical borders, and it's only going to get worse as the Internet becomes a vehicle for content delivery on a larger scale. 

I think it's unreasonable to think the internet has physical locations. Well, of course, your local hardware store has a website, and that website can be bound to the physical location of the server where the hardware store's website is hosted. But many things run on cloud servers. In microseconds, a router desides to give my request to a server somewhere in the world, instead of a server at another place. How can national laws apply to that?!

There need to be international - wordwide - laws about communication and privacy, since it isn't a national issue (anymore, if it ever was..). Face recognision in things like Google Glass will become a disaster if this isn't solved in a few years..

since you are attacking obama and not the party i can see exactly where you are coming from and disregard your comment completely.