AMD's Radeon R9 Nano Gets Slashed: $499 'Effective Immediately'

Word comes from AMD via a press release this morning that they are giving the Radeon R9 Nano a price cut. AMD’s diminutive flagship, which launched in September 2015 at $649, is now the first Fiji card to get an official price cut, with AMD lowering the MSRP to $499 effective immediately.

Dropping the Nano into the Fury's price bracket is a more than welcome change. The price drop makes the Nano a much more impressive card, and a better sell all around as it both outperforms the Fury from stock, and can match the Fury X with a small 15% boost to the power delivery. Not to mention with the GTX 980 just $20 below (or higher, depending on how custom it is) the race is a lot tighter and the performance/dollar is a whole hell of a lot more agreeable.

If you're looking at 4K gaming at $500 / 200W, the Nano is a bit too good to pass up.


damm nice price but still to expensive for me :*(

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I was looking at getting a nano and this makes it even better! :D

:( still $800 CAN


Well only a bit less then I paid for mine so not that angry. Hopefully more people will pick up this card. It is a seriously impressive card.

That is interesting, just today I was talking to somebody who wanted advice on a small form factor editing/rendering machine...

Give it a couple days to go down the pipeline. Should drop to around $700 for you guys.

Already have a Gigabyte Windforce Fury sadly :/

I got lucky with the silicon lottery. 1080mhz on the core and 520mhz on the HBM.

So with the Fury nano having the same number of shaders as a Fury X.... I think I even pointed that out on its release, if you plan on properly watercooling it anyway then this is a better choice than the FuryX probably (except for the weaker power delivery, but they don't really like extreme overclocking anyway). Fury + a Waterblock will be the same price or less than a FuryX, that is pretty sweet.

Even if you leave it at stock and just raise the power delivery by 15% it's a better choice. And a 50MHz OC is easy on a Nano too, so in the end you can get a smaller, more power efficient, aircooled Fury X for $100 less.

the Sapphire Fury TRI-X is like $499 as well.

Nice AMD is making a comeback towards the market. Just need the HBM apus for TINY form factor pcs.

:( Still $1,199.95 NZD

I picked mine up at $530 (Newegg sale) less than a month ago. Sure, saving $30 would've been nice, but no regrets here. Loading into FFXIV after the upgrade (previously GTX 780 SC) is what really sold me on 4K.

@Braysive just transplanted me into a BitFenix Prodigy and it's just loooovely.

This makes this card finally make a tad bit of sense. BUT, what about the Fury Non-X? I'd love too see a price drop on that card instead...

with open gpu and a lot more linux kernal support, the dawn of the linux gaming age is upon us