AMDGPU PT 2: Electric Boogaloo and News Thread

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Welcome to the new AMDGPU thread. I’m your host, some loser who likes to read technical documents.

So the point of the thread originally was to track the come up of AMDGPU and track its progress of performance as it developed, including what cards were updated when and whatnot. Now, this thread is going to MOSTLY track Navi, however there have been GCN 1 developments recently and some work on laptops post GCN 1. Personally I want to know whats going on with the 9660P, but I doubt anyone else cares lol.

I’ll need some time to get back into the swing of this style of thread (get up, make coffee, work on thread), so do give me some time lol. I’m a bit busy sometimes, so if an article comes out and I miss it or you think something is important that was relatively recent, send it my way please!

Relevancy = MAR 2019 to now


Just chucking articles in with a brief descriptor. I’ll be posting articles of importance and possibly going back to when the 5700 dropped.


Linux 5.5 Released Jan 24 2020

  • Continued improvements for the AMD Arcturus Vega-based GPU bring-up.

  • AMDGPU HDCP support for Raven Ridge and newer.

  • AMD OverDrive overclocking for Navi GPUs


Linux 5.6 Features Announced Jan 26 2020


AMDGPU Overclocking W/ Navi Nov 16 2019


" The AMD Navi OverDrive overclocking support via sysfs is similar to the existing OverDrive support for Vega, Polaris, and prior on AMDGPU. Besides setting the frequencies, the support does allow editing the voltage curve for Navi 10 too."


5600XT Linux Performance Review (@Camofelix) Jan 21 2020

“The Radeon RX 5600 XT graphics cards are beginning to ship today at $279+ USD price point and offers great Linux support but with one last minute – and hopefully very temporary – caveat.”

(I think you just need 1904 bro)


Feel free to link me threads on the forum of different issues people are having. As well, I’ll be putting links in when I spot a thread pop up that has a different issue than the others. If you think you can help the person out, do it!


Helpdesk, 5600XT



In this post will be info / articles about cards older than the Navi series. RX 580 back to 7750.

Valves ACO Helps Put New Life Into GCN 1.0 Cards Jan 30 2020

Look at this shit and tell me you aren’t excited.

There is now AMDGPU support for southern islands! Rudimentary, but there! Theres only so much more you can push out of these cards though, so don’t expect to play witcher on ultra.

" With Mesa 20.0, RADV ACO isn’t enabled by default but requires the RADV_PERFTEST=aco environment variable. Using a Mesa 20.0-devel snapshot from today and testing with a Radeon HD 7950 graphics card, I compared the default and ACO-optimized performance on this graphics card. A range of Linux gaming Vulkan-powered benchmarks were run via the Phoronix Test Suite."

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I’ve always loved APU’s personally, so I want a section for APU news.

HDCP Comes To Raven Ridge APU’s Aug 30 2019

“While there is a lot of opposition to Digital Rights Management and the likes of HDCP by the open-source community, having the support within the open-source graphics driver kernel code isn’t limiting any current freedoms.”


Linux 5.6 To Ship With GPU Reset Support (AMD Renoir + Navi) Feb 7 2020

“This second batch of Linux 5.6 AMDGPU changes also includes more fixes for Arcturus, GDDR6 video memory training fixes, various display fixes, a Coreboot workaround for Kaveri and Kabini systems, Navi overclocking fixes, and other changes.”


Added Support For Future Product: Pollock Embedded Chips Jan 9 2020

Not much interesting other than being “Raven 2”. Will update on pollock later as I have an inherent interest in shit tier hardware.