Lately I've been playing around with FreeBSD and I really like it so far. There is just one problem, or I should say a whole bunch of problems. Pretty much every problem keeping people from moving from windows or mac to linux. One of the problems that matters the most to me (other than the game support) is the gpu driver situation. Right now there is NO driver on any BSD variant that supports my Fury X. By no driver I really mean no driver thats easily available. There is actaually a WIP project to port amdgpu but what I havent been able to figure how to install if its even in an installable state. If anyone knows more I'd really appreciate it. The driver probably wont get me to move away from my windows 10/arch linux setup but I may just have some fun fucking around with FreeBSD

Hows the Intel driver situation? Because it's really unlikely you'll see a stable driver in a while unfortunately

Well good thing I dont expect a stable driver. I just want a driver that kind of works. In terms of intel driver the wiki says something about the i915 driver supporting haswell in FreeBSD 11 and the wiki just lists skylake as WIP. Dragonfly BSD on the other hand seems to have the intel support of linux 4.4 and the radeon support of linux 3.18 however there are no infos about amdgpu support but the intel support gives me a tiny bit of hope

You could try one of the dev kernels but if you have no experience with building and installing custom kernel i would advise against it. There is also no guarantee on anything including if the kernel will boot.

I know how to do it on linux but I have no idea how to do it on BSD. I guess Ill just have to wait until someone does it for me then